Since 1851, Sacem has been the society of authors, composers and music publishers, but also of directors, comedians, dubbers, subtitlers and poets.

176,150 members, including more than 21,350 foreign creators – from 168 nationalities – have chosen it to protect their works and defend their interests worldwide.

Sacem represents a varied repertoire of over 150 million French and international works. Under agreements with foreign authors’ societies, Sacem is mandated to collect on their behalf the royalties for works in their own repertoire on French territory.

Sacem’s essential mission is to collect royalties and distribute them to authors, composers and publishers whose works have been broadcast or reproduced.

More than ever, our members can rely on the solidarity and mutual protection that are the foundations of collective management. Our model is increasingly demonstrating its effectiveness in supporting its effectiveness in supporting creation and accompanying authors, composers and publishers at all stages of their careers, whatever the circumstances.

As a local cultural player essential to the vitality of creation, Sacem supported – in 2019 – more than 2,600 projects throughout France and overseas.